Lauren Bailey

Lauren Bailey specializes in change.

For the last 20 years Lauren has been in private practice as an ASI – Advanced certified Structural Integration practitioner, otherwise known as Rolfing™.

Through the years Lauren has expanded her work, embracing the potential for healing using the physics Lauren with full moon of bio-mechanics.  She also incorporates the methods of Pete Egoscue and the uncanny ability of that work to ferret out deep patterns in the body and change them. She has also added the work of Joe Pilates and the many variations available there to assist clients in rehabilitation. As a foundation to the other tools, she uses the wisdom of Dr. Ida Rolf’s techniques to balance the body in gravity.
Lauren’s work is Re-Formative, offering an opportunity to actually change the body, its patterns of movement, its impulses for movement, its shape and alignment in stasis, and best of all, its fluidity and resilience.
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