A Couple Returns to Active Life

Sharon arrived with her husband. Both people are just over 5 feet. Sharon came in with knee pain. Her knee was so valgus (knock-kneed) that she could not straighten it. This was causing her not only knee pain but back and hip pain. Both people were avid walkers and this was an encumbrance on her daily walks. After ten sessions Sharon had no more pain, was fully functional and the angle of her leg(s) had changed dramatically.

Sharon has returned to me after many years absent, with knee pain again in the same knee. She had knee surgery two years ago for torn meniscus and has not been able to straighten the leg fully, since. We have straightened it along with the rest of her body. While her knee pain is not fully gone (shredded meniscus), she is functional enough to continue walking her standard four miles a day. Matt, her husband, came just because Sharon did, in 1999. We did the standard 10 sessions and Matt grew a full inch – very impressive in a man that was only 5’1” to begin with. He brags to this day about how tall he is.